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Letter from Castle Dracula
The official news bulletin

                                                                               FEBRUARY – MARCH  2010  1


New TSD Chapter

Halloween 2009 at the Dracula Castle in the Borgo Pass went extraordinary well. The CMJ/TSD crew assembled for the event was closely supervised by the newest TSD Chapter, led by Nicolae Păduraru himself. No, no, no, do not worry: there was no discontent within the Society; there were no quarrels and no fights. But, for our founding president, there came the time to start the most mysterious journey of all the journeys mankind has ever imagined. On Monday the 4th May, 2009, Nicolae Păduraru crossed over and, as Sir Michael Bailey Hughes put it, founded a chapter in the skies. Down here, we carry on his work.



The Borgo Post, Volume 15, Issue 1, Winter 2010
Published quarterly by the CANADIAN CHAPTER, TSD

President’s Report
http://www.blooferland.com  [Portals to Dracula websites and Blog]


Prof. Elizabeth Miller’s report for 2009 reflects the good work of the Canadian Chapter of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula. Eight new members, the 2009 issue of the Journal of Dracula Studies, new shows and books, not to forget Brad Pitt’s new Vlad movie project were the highlights for the past year.

New options for the payment of membership fees were added starting January 1, 2010.


Nikki White reviews the Bram Stoker’s Lady Athyne (Desert Island Books, 2007). This (almost) forgotten novel of our favorite writer is now available thanks to Prof. Carol A. Senf, who wrote the introduction and annotated the volume.

Nicholas Sabin is the personality profiled in this issue. A linguist employed at the University of Texas at El Paso with interest in sports, history, semiotics and motorcycling, talks about his attraction for vampire books and movies.

Whitby Film Festival, A Dracula Bonanza and other news in brief complete the issue.

We thank the Canadian Chapter, TSD, for reminding us the 2012 – not the possible end of the world, but the centennial of Bram Stoker’s death!


TSD members fortunate meeting


Following Dr Elizabeth Miller's well attended lecture on Stoker's Notes for Dracula at the National Library of Ireland, Dublin in April 2009, TSD member Michael Bayley Hughes made two short films with the scholar.

 The first was 'Bram Stoker's Dublin', a tour with author Brian J. Showers around Stoker related sites. The film was introduced by Dacre Stoker at the Shelbourne Hotel where Bram met Henry Irving. The second film was shot in Whitby where Dr Miller explained the significance of the atmospheric Yorkshire seaside town in Bram Stoker's Dracula.

For purchasing and inquiries visit The Teleg Films Production’s website: www.draculadocumentary.com  (Michael Bayley-Hughes website).


Co-operation with German  Radio

A Company of Mysterious Journeys/ TSD crew has guided Mr. Ralph Erdenberger from WDR (German Radio Station), whom was in charge of a radio show for children.

„An acustic drama for children - with real persons and real locations. A fictional detective named "Faust junior" meets them to find out about different subjects. Our aim is not fiction, but to present children (10+) facts. To fascinate them for history and scientific research. It will be published as a CD - 60 minutes at "Oetinger Verlag". This time... ...it's about "true vampires" - from the mosquito to Dracula”….   Ralph told us
 Other details will be revealed in due time.


New Contribution on Vampire Studies

TSD member and acting tour-guide Bogdan Popa, PhD – researcher at the Institute of History “Nicolae Iorga” – informed us that his article “Strigoi, Vampires, Writers and Historians” will be published soon.  The paper deals with the travel accounts and novels dealing with the undead before Stoker’s “Dracula”. A special chapter will be dedicated to the ignorance of the vampires story by the Romanian historians of the early 20th Century.

An extended English abstract will be provided.



TSD  2010  1

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