HALLOWEEN 2018 in Transylania - Romania!

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Virtual Tour

Now you can look into our tours using Google Earth to virtualy discover the wonderfull places in Romania and to visit from above the historical places that you can come and see in our country and travel in our tours!

Also, in our virtual tour you can "fly" over the footsteps of Bram Stocker's characters and to visit some real places that exist in Europe and that are somehow connected to Dracula or the book with the same name.

Here you can learn a little of Bram Stoker's Trail, then follow in the footsteps of Jonathan Harker and the legendary Count Dracula in the 'Book Trail' , or try the 'Historical Tour' for a taste of the REAL Vlad Dracula 'Tepes' the Impaler, to see Transilvania from above or just to fly over the Bran Castle! (as said Mr. Ian Kinnell, the man who initiated this virtual tour)

You cand download our tour here:

The TSD Virtual Tour (.kmz file)
(clik on the link and chose "Save", to save it on your computer) Also, you can try to download it from here or here.

NOTE: To view the virtual tour you need to have Google Earth installed. You can download it here: http://earth.google.com/ If you need help on installing, please view this page or the official help.

Also, you should check these links related to Google Earth and our virtual tour:

-> The Google Earth official Homepage : http://earth.google.com/
-> The Official Google Earth BBS service: "Keyhole Community" http://bbs.keyhole.com/
-> An independant Google Touring site http://www.googletouring.com/
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HALLOWEEN 2018 in Transylania, Romania!

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