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(walking tour)

(7 days, 6 nights)

In 1462, Prince Vlad the Impaler-Dracula, his wife and a few soldiers found themselves besieged in the fortress of Poienari. The rings of the enemy’s camp-fires in the valley were so dense, that Vlad’s wife thought escape was impossible, and threw herself into the river Arges. But Fate wanted the prince to live, to carry on.
Time-window: June – September

Under the guidance of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula

Day One

Welcome in Bucuresti (Bucharest), Capital of Romania. The Company of Mysterious Journeys will meet every one of you and transfer you to a 3-star hotel.

Cocktail, birefing, Q & A.


Overnight In Bucuresti

Day Two

Sightseeing of mediaeval and modern Bucuresti with a walking segment in the old shopping area.

Departure across the vast Danubian plains to the foothills of the Carpathians – to Curtea de Arges, former capital of Valahia under Vlad Dracula’s grandfather, Prince Mircea the Old (XIV century).

Refreshments in Curtea de Arges.

Continue 20 km to fortress Poienari, rebuilt by Vlad in 1459 with the hands of traitor nobles “till the shirts fell off their backs”.

Climb the 1400 odd steps to the top, amid the phantoms of the past.

Cornered in this inaccessible fortress Prince Vlad sent for help across the hill in the village of Aref, the nearest. The elderlies of Aref, shepherds and foresters who knew every rock and tree around the besieged fort, came to the rescue – too late for Vlad disbelieving wife.

The saga of Prince Vlad’s escape is still live with the descendants of those elderies, some of their stories are confirmed by historic documents.

The Company of Mysterious Journeys is the only agency which takes tourists into Aref, to listen to stories of old, as told by 30 farmers around a bonfire, dressed in the same folk costumes as Vlad had seen; ancient songs and folk dances are interlaced with awsome legends.

Delight in Arefean culinary specialties and drinks at dinner time; overnight in farm-houses in Aref (bathrooms, TV, telephone) in a genuine ethnographic experience. (If the group exceeds 10, accommodation in a near-by hotel).

Day Three

Some 531 years ago, under the cover of night, the Arefeans took Prince Vlad stealthily through the enemy lines “reversing the horseshoes”. Ottoman cannon-balls were found inside the broken battlements; one can imagine the enemies storming the empty fortress the next day.

Prince Vlad’s party moved fast along the forested bed of the river Arges, higher and higher into the Carpathians. Our party, as of old, will be symbolically led by an Arefean – through woods, across creeks, picking berries, fishing trout, roasting bacon over camp – fires.

Looking over their shoulder, Vlad’s party encamped for their first night. So shall we, on the bank of the river Arges.

Day Four

Continue to climb in the Carpathians, as Vlad’s party have done for several days, till you reach the crest at 2000 m altitude.

The Arefeans remember that the Prince saw Transylvania in the distance and turned to them and said: “Good people, you saved my life. What do you want as a reward - money or land?” “Money go like water, Your Majesty, give us land – it yields crops and we can leave it to our children”. “Land shall be”. And Vlad wrote on a rabbit skin a donation act, for 16 mountains as pastureland and 14 sheep-folds (confirmed by later documents).

Significantly, the legends in Aref know nothing about the doings of the Prince before arrival at Poienari, or after he crossed into Transylvania.

Overnight on the crest of the Carpathians, where Vlad parted with the Arefeans (“Balea” Chalet).

Had Vlad been followed by his enemies? We do not have any documents. The Arefeans could move faster, they knew the trails and shortcuts. But would anyone venture in pursuit of the terrible Impaler, in unknown territory? Would you?

Your chalet is on the bank of a glaciary lake. Bram Stoker in his novel “Dracula” says that the vampire-count had been schooled into “Scholomance” close to such a lake in the Carpathians. Maybe this one.

Introduction into the supernatural, into the “Scholomance” (contents restricted to participants).

Day Five

Descend into Transylvania (from 2000 to 800 m) and walk through the most spectacular parts.

Afternoon arrival at monastery Sambata de Sus (Upper Saturday) built in 1690 – famous centre of icons painted on glass (still there).

Overnight at the monastery (alternative: in the resort of Poiana Brasov). If lucky, meet and talk to a blind monk – Father Teofil – about Heaven and Hell, human kind, the meaning of life. The old well is said the have healing water.

Day Six

Visit Castle Bran (1377) – of weird associations with Dracula, and mediaeval Brasov – the second city of Transylvania, of many memories about Vlad (sightseeing on foot).

Optionals galore (including the unique chance to add a nobility title to your name, joining The Order of Transylvanian Knights – if you can pass the six chivalry tests.

Overnight in the resort of Poiana Brasov.

Day Seven

Early departure to the airport.

Departure from Romania, as treasurers of sights, legends and secrets unknown to most.

Aside from the set-departure, the tour runs on demand, with small groups or independent travelers, any time between June and September.

This tour can be combined, on demand, with Black Sea holidays; the Danube Delta; an initiation tour on Dracula, society style; special interest.

The Company of Mysterious Journeys will penalize the tourists who renounce their bookings as follows (subtracting bank-transfer charges):
1) for cancellation of 30 and more days before the tour start: full refunding (minus banking charges)
2) for 29-21 days cancellation: 30% penalty
3) for 20-14 days cancellation: 50% penalty
4) for 13-7 days or less cancellation: 100% penalty in favour of the CMJ.

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HALLOWEEN 2018 in Transylania, Romania!

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