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Walking (and/or driving) tour

Bucovina – the northern part of the province of Moldova, Romania – has been awarded “The Golden Apple” of the International Federation of Travel Writers and Journalists
- for the beauty of its landscape
- for the 500 year-old frescoes on the outer walls of a cluster of monasteries – unique in the world, under UNESCO care (World Heritage)
- for the remarkable preservation of its ethnography and folklore

(A famous English architect said he would fence these treasures of Bucovina in, with barbed wire, and only let those people inside who can prove their relation to art. Booking this journey proves just that).

Day 1

The whole of Romania is in blossom at the time of your arrival in Bucuresti (Bucharest), its capital. The Company of Mysterious Journeys will meet each one of you – at the airport or railway station.

  • Night train-ride to Suceava, the mediaeval capital of Moldova (first class sleeper car; 7 hours).
  • Cocktail and briefing on board; basket dinner.

Day 2

  • Transfer by bus to hotel in Suceava; take your rooms, a shower, breakfast.
  • Visit the mediaeval fortress of Suceava, playground of two teenage princes in the XV century: Stephen the Great, future ruler of Moldova; and his cousin – Vlad Dracula (The Impaler), future ruler of Valahia. Visit the local Museum of History.
  • Afternoon, walking (or driving) tour to the monastery of Dragomirna (1602), its miniature paintings and space ship silhouette.
  • Overnight in Suceava, hotel “Continental”

Day 3

Tonight, the Christian Orthodox celebrate Easter.

  • Drive to monastery Putna (1481), resting place of Stephen the Great, the one who still rules the spirituality of Moldova.
  • Walk (or drive) from Putna, across hills, to monastery Sucevita (1586), to celebrate Easter (walking time: 4-5 hours). Alternative: drive there. There will be hundreds of villagers in the vast courtyard protected by 6 metre high walls; God is one, with many names, so join the celebration of the birth of Christ in a fairy-tale setting, under the great frescoes of Sucevita – at the time and place the Heaven opens.
  • Overnight in private houses (bathroom, heating) or a neighbouring hotel; feast on Easter specialties, Moldovian style.
  • If you booked single – this is the only night you may have to share a room; we shall advise.

Day 4

  • Visit the village of Marginea and its 5000 year-old black-ceramic workshop.
  • Walk (or drive) across the forested Obcina Mare (3 hours) to monastery Moldovita (1531), raised and frescoed by Stephen the Great’s son, Prince Petru Rares.
  • Arrive at hotel in Campulung Moldovenesc; overnight.

Day 5

  • Climb the sacred mountain of Rarau (3 hours) to a chalet at 1529 m. altitude. Learn the legends of the megaliths (The Princess’ Rocks; the Buffalo Rock; the Hawk’s; the Bats’ Cave).
  • Return to hotel, to overnight.

Day 6

  • Visit the unique Museum of Wood in Campulung Moldovenesc.
  • Drive to Voronet (1488) – the best known frescoed monastery in Bucovina.
  • Visit Homor (1530), another frescoed monastery (with no steeple, as it was not built by a prince, but by a minister of Petru Rares). Important ethnographic area – excellent shopping opportunity (at low prices) of Moldovian, hand-made carpets, Easter-eggs, fur-coats (trimmed with weasel-fur), fur caps, etc. Notice the paintings on the walls of the farmhouses – throughout Bucovina.
  • Overnight at Suceava.

Day 7

  • Free in Suceava, to stroll and shop.
  • Fast-train to Bucuresti (Bucharest).
  • Sightseeing tour (no museums).
  • Overnight in Bucuresti

Day 8

  • Transfer to the airport/railway station.
  • Departure from Romania.

Reminder: bring plenty of films, my friends – Bucovina is a corner of Heaven on Earth.


This can be taken as a walking tour for those looking for one, or as a driving tour for the others (the bus accompanies us everywhere).

The tour is based on bed & breakfast, with a basket-dinner and a cocktail provided in Day One, and the festive Easter dinner (drinks included). Food, alongside everything else in Romania, is high quality and very cheap. Museums, transfers and in-land transport, guide service, mountain-guide service, tracking guide – are also included.

The Company of Mysterious Journeys will penalize the tourists who renounce their bookings as follows (subtracting bank-transfer charges):
1) for cancellation of 30 and more days before the tour start: full refunding (minus banking charges)
2) for 29-21 days cancellation: 30% penalty
3) for 20-14 days cancellation: 50% penalty
4) for 13-7 days or less cancellation: 100% penalty in favour of the CMJ.

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