HALLOWEEN 2018 in Transylania - Romania!

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In the company of “C.M.J. and CITY COMPASS”


Day 1 “After-Life Insurance” and “Indulgences”

“Welcome, enter freely and of your own will”!
Land in Bucuresti, capital of Romania. During the briefing (and cocktail) that follows at your hotel, you will receive 3 documents: The Survival Certificate, which gets stamped along the Dracula trail; an After-Life Insurance and an Indulgence for 5 sins (issued by The House of Dracula, therefore valid). You see, we protect our tourists, even if the end-results are dismaying.
But, by the way, what’s a nice person like you doing in a place like this?…

  • transfer from airport to hotel
  • welcoming cocktail, briefing
  • dinner
  • overnight in Bucuresti  - “Zava” Hotel 4*


Did you know, the Irish novelist Bram Stoker baptized his vampire-count with the name of a 15 century Romanian prince called Vlad Dracula, the Impaler? Who was this man? Was he a real-life vampire? What was he like?
After breakfast, drive across the vast Danubian plains to the foothills of the Carpathians (cca 1 1/2 hours).
Then take the valley of the river Arges to get closer, higher in the mountains, till you see the entrance of a spectacular gorge, guarded from above by an awesome fortress - Poienari, rebuilt by prince Vlad Dracula in 1459.
This place has dramatic legends (some, confirmed by historic documents) and is the first initiation step on your journey to the remote Castle of Dracula – for the next journey in Romania (you already think of it, do you?!).
* refreshment on the way
* lunch in Curtea de Arges
* visit Mason Manole legendary monastery
* visit fortress Poienari and the Gorge of  Arges (optional   climb to the top)
* folk show
* overnight at “Casa Domneasca” in Curtea de Arges (“The Royal House”)

Day 3 – Master of The Beyond

Transylvanians do exist, you know?  As far as we can remember, nobody entered Transylvania to leave unchanged.
We shall  start moving toward the south-eastern corner of Transylvania, to mediaeval Brasov (not before you stamped your passport with that unique stamp of the village of Aref; who would believe you otherwise?)

Visit Castle Bran, baptized “castle Dracula” by the American tourists. Then tour mediaeval Brasov (briefly), before your first Transylvanian dinner.
Overnight in Poiana Brasov, a mountain resort above the mediaeval city.
* lunch on Transylvanian specialties in Tg.Mures
* visit Castle Bran; shopping
* dinner at The Citadel, with mediaeval floor show
* overnight in Poiana Brasov – “Alpin” Hotel 4*

Day 4 - Secret places  in the Heart of Transylvania

Two hours away from Brasov lies the best-preserved 15 century walled-town in Europe – Sighisoara. Visit this town on foot, including the house in which Prince Vlad the Impaler-Dracula was born, in 1431.
Then witnesses a Witch-trial ; the Catholic parts of Transylvania had hundreds of them. – OPTIONAL.
Then come to a secret place  of Transylvania: the village of Cund.

OPTIONAL IN SIGHISOARA – the nobility title
This is your life-time chance to become a noble, joining The Order of Transylvanian Knights - if you can pass 6 chivalry tests within the walls of a genuine 16 century citadel: archery, strength of arm, walking on a beam, jumping over a fire, answering a riddle, dancing a minuet. The Castellan and his court of knights, ladies-in-waiting, pages, jester will of course guide and advise you through the tests. Should you be able to pass them - and many could - then investiture ceremonies will be activated: oath, sword-on-shoulder, knighthooding diploma, medallion. There is a difference, wouldn't you say, between Mr. or Mrs. Johnson and Sir or Lady Johnson (price per person: Euro 75).


We noticed, after 40 years of Dracula tours, that you need one day to return among the living - such is the depth of your immersion into the realm of myths and archetypes.
This is that day.

* free for shopping, strolls
* lunch
* depart for Sinaia, the royal mountain resort
* visit Peles - the most beautiful royal palace in  Europe (this palace alone is worth your whole trip to Romania)
* free in Sinaia
* farewell dinner; overnight in Sinaia – “Palace” Hotel 4*


"La Revedere" means "See you again".
Departure to the airport.

Departure from Romania - as friends, even nobles - keepers of the secrets of an ancient country.

Company of Mysterious Journeys / 2012


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HALLOWEEN 2018 in Transylania, Romania!

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